An Open Letter to Javad Zarif

I wrote comment in Iran's contemporary Minister of Foreign Affairs, Javad
's Youtube video on Iranian new year.

The gist of this man's message: "accusing the west sanctions causing damage to Iranian healthcare system". This is just wrong. Don't get me wrong, me and my family suffer from the same, but let us at least be honest about it. For once in this regime's history, don't be be delusional. Stop blaming other countries and take responsibility.

I wonder,

  1. When it comes to your Friday prayers and nationalist speeches, you do know very well how to shout "America cannot do anything" (آمریکا هیچ غلطی نمی‌تواند بکند) with confidence, yet now in times of need, you are saying that it is their fault? That it it because of their sanctions that out healthcare system is broken? That it is not because of our poor economy and infrastructure?
  2. What is this whole fight over in the first place? Nuclear energy? At least a part of it seems to be related. Okay, fair enough. Please answer, with dignity: How many lives has our "holy" nuclear plan saved so far? How many hungry people have been fed because of it? How many jobs have been created? How many people have been made happy? Now answer the following: How many people have experienced poverty because of it? How many businesses have been destroyed because of sanctions? How many families are torn apart because of poverty?

I have tried to keep this comment polite and rational so far. I will finish with a more informal
tone though:

You are a smart man. Perhaps among the only Iranian politicians in whom there is a spark of realism. Pull your head out of your ass, stop being delusional, stop lying, and start fixing something, before more harm as been done to this nation, who's lonelier than ever.